omapi problems with isc-dhcp-server 4.4.1

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omapi problems with isc-dhcp-server 4.4.1

Bill MacAllister
I have just built a Ubuntu 20.04 server and installed isc-dhcp-server
4.4.1 on it and I am seeing inconsistent returns from omshell.  
omshell returns data as expected, but when I exit and re-enter omshell
connections fail.

Here is the initial, working, session:

# omshell
> server localhost
> port 7911
> key omapi_key <the key>
> connect
obj: <null>
> new failover-state
obj: failover-state
> set name = "dhcp-failover"
obj: failover-state
name = "dhcp-failover"
> open
obj: failover-state
name = "dhcp-failover"
partner-address = c0:9d:e9:76:e9:55:00:00
partner-port = 00:00:02:07
local-address = 10:9d:e9:76:e9:55:00:00
local-port = 00:00:02:07
max-outstanding-updates = 00:00:00:0a
mclt = 00:00:01:2c
load-balance-max-secs = 00:00:00:03
load-balance-hba =
partner-state = 00:00:00:02
local-state = 00:00:00:02
partner-stos = 60:36:d0:68
local-stos = 60:36:8b:3b
hierarchy = 00:00:00:01
last-packet-sent = 00:00:00:00
last-timestamp-received = 00:00:00:00
skew = 00:00:00:00
max-response-delay = 00:00:00:3c
cur-unacked-updates = 00:00:00:00

Here is what I see when the connect fails.  Well, just hangs really.

# omshell
> server localhost
> port 7911
> key omapi_key <the key>
> connect

And then I hit ctrl-c to break out and tried again:

# omshell
> server localhost
> port 7911
> key omapi_key <the key>
> connect
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Note, the peer to this server is still running Ubuntu 18.04 with
isc-dhcp-server 4.3.5.  Running the exact same commands on the peer
works reliably.  (They are using the same python script to drive
omshell.)  The DHCP server
on the new system appears to be working just fine.

Is this a known problem?  I don't see omapi mentioned in the 4.4.2
release notes, but is this potentially fixed in the newer version?


Bill MacAllister <[hidden email]>
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