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Upgrade 4.2.4->4.3.5

Gregory Sloop
Upgrade 4.2.4->4.3.5 So, several questions:
Moving from Ubuntu 16.04, [IIRC] and dhcpd 4.2.4 to 18.04 and version 4.3.5
[I'm completely rebuilding the pair of dns/dhcp boxes, so no in-place upgrades.]

Currently use peer/load-balancing/failover.
Will 4.2.4 communicate fine with 4.3.5? [i.e. can I convert/upgrade one of the peers and let it sync and then do the second, at my leisure?

I don't notice any real game-changers in terms of the config files in looking through the change-logs. Yet it's certainly possible I've missed something.
Does anyone have any warnings I ought to take to heart? :)
Any warnings outside of the peer communications and config files?

[Is now a good time to really consider KEA, or shall I put that off until we're closer to widespread ipv6 deployment?]


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