2021 The latest "anti-old essence" recommended, let the skin sustain firm and flexible

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2021 The latest "anti-old essence" recommended, let the skin sustain firm and flexible

Skin is the essence of our entire process expensive and most effective single product, but it is also an indispensable step in skin care, but blind election is taboo! Only according to their skin to choose a suitable to their own is the most critical. Especially for the future has been a 25-year-old girl, this time alone replenishment can not meet the needs of the skin, anti-aging is imperative. Xiao Bian today to talk with you need several anti-aging essence sister used sections are super good quality and good reputation, Come and see if you are using it!

There are four old most obvious manifestation early skin:

1, around the eye began to eye pattern, fine lines, expression lines, especially after staying up late the entire eyelid eyes will appear more atheism; 2, large pores, skin yellowish rough skin prone to allergies start; 3, nasolabial folds increase deep, Apple muscle begins to sag, deep nasolabial folds considerably increase significantly fierce old; 4, begins to relax the skin, loss of collagen, jaw line sag, easy bloated face, old.

In fact, the skin aging process is increasing, so we will have in their daily skin care skin nourishing from the very beginning, some girls from the age of 20 has been known to be a focus on basic skin care.

Easy to use "first anti-aging cream" Share

1, Estee Lauder small brown bottle

Estee Lauder small brown bottle
I am sure you have heard of some girls small brown bottle, Estee Lauder has long been selling star product. Estee Lauder small brown bottle as a classic entry-level anti-aging cream, small brown bottle main essence of the concept, with superior repair and maintenance of stability calming effect, ChronoluxCB new technology, and contains the core components of the product can prevent yeast two cracked skin photo-aging, skin achieve a very healthy state. It also has some anti-aging effects, especially for young women 25+ use of brown translucent texture, good ductility, the face is not very good absorption sticky feeling, and in a bad state when the use of skin effect particularly evident, as sometimes stay up all night long after the acne with acne can obviously feel there is anti-inflammatory effect, so that the skin in the best condition, with a faint herbal scent is still very reassuring, many with small fairies the first bottle entry-level anti-aging cream.

2, HR Helena essence green vase

HR Helena essence green vase
Helena green vase essence full name is called "Helena Lohas new source of myogenic repair Essence", as the name suggests it is a main repair of the essence, and the antioxidant effect is great! If you are 25 years old and has been a sensitive skin, often stays up late, large pores, easy Zhangdou skin, etc., are all in need of repair needs, so it would be more appropriate. The essence it belongs latex-like texture, but liquidity is very good, it is the same with small brown bottle dropper take the amount of the way, but personally feel this is not very good out dropper essence, but the rate of absorption for much stronger than the little brown bottle, the skin is particularly refreshing after absorption. In the normal state of the skin condition is not very good, or stay up all night with poor complexion when applied, can quickly restore the health of the skin, refine pores are a lot of stick.

3, LA MER ocean Lana Essence

LA MER Marine Lana Essence
It is a specialized skin dry lines to improve the appearance of fine lines essence, this essence of which contains five times more marine Rana core components - the essence of magical activity, so it can achieve a good addition to aging, but also with superior self-healing effect of skin to enhance the capacity and health of the skin, allowing the skin to achieve a good calming effect maintenance of stability in the skin, the worse the more time to use it to see significant results, it has good skin pulling compact, activation of collagen fibers and elastin fibers efficacy, and promote skin metabolism, and therefore for some acne or sensitive skin redness is very suitable, can make the skin showing more you use the more healthy state. Indeed use them when there will be a sense of produce compact, keep your skin young state, using the repair effect is particularly evident at night when.

4, CLARINS Clarins gold extraction biexciton

LA MER Marine Lana Essence
This product is a lot of beauty maintenance Ranking Ever Victorious Army, which uses a variety of natural plant extracts, the ratio of oil to the nearest water lipid membranes of human skin, so that essence more quickly and completely into the underlying skin, in order to increase the absorption rate and maintain long-lasting moisture. At the same time, also because of a water-soluble and oil-soluble essence of the two-pronged approach, coupled with the unique Jianghuang Cheng points in the moist and anti-aging performance is very brisk.

On the other hand, a special rotating head design that allows you to follow the season or choose to use their own skin or large droplets drip capacity, very intimate; and in addition to dry and mature skin, sensitive or oily skin acne can also Peace of mind. Overall, it does not pick the skin, using the experience is impeccable, early anti-aging and improve the effectiveness of fine lines is also very powerful integrated bottle the essence of relatively strong.

5, jiaolan Double Essence

Double Essence jiaolan
Guerlain Double Essence is a flagship anti-aging repair serum, texture is a combination of condensation and lotions, face faster convergence speed, a lot of sisters say that using up more greasy, it may be you do not have a good push, absorb the essence of a very fast, obviously feel the skin becomes translucent light perception. Texture and composition are relatively safe for most skin. Stick to the skin there will be improvement in results, like often change the essence of the sisters can rest assured that boldly try.

More than several Essence are extremely good, anti-wrinkle effect is obvious! If you have anti-wrinkle needs, then you can select more than several, are very suitable, you can choose according to their needs.

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